City Lit Theater’s play-making is handmade and costs more than the price of our tickets.  We are a unique non-profit corporation and appreciate your support.  Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to City Lit Theater Company.



Since July 1, 2018, these contributors have made City Lit’s work possible.



Alphawood Foundation

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

Ivanhoe Theater Foundation

The MacArthur Funds for Arts and

Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

The Saints


PATRONS ($1,000+)

Vicki Curtis and Bill Siavelis

Nancy Flowers

Mansquito Frankenfish

J.G. Kingsley

Joan Mattson

James Bruce Smith Fund for Liberty and Theatre,

a Donor Advised Fund of the

U.S. Charitable Gift Trust


COLLEAGUES ($500-$999)


Bernard Beck

Ann Boisclair and Jeffrey Jens

Paul Edwards

Karen Hansen & Richard Cook

Lindsay Huge

James Knapp

Corinne M. Lyon

Ernst Melchior

Stephanie Monday

Russel J. Pass and Mindy Kalchman

David & Donna Richert

Mary Thennes

Peg Tomaszek-Witry

Ann Whitney

Sheila Willis


SPONSORS ($250-$499)

Scott Brickwood

Harmon and Dee Jarrett Dow

Samuel Ethan Fox

Joel & Christine Lehmann

Joan Mazzonelli

Bridget McDonough

Daniel Robinson

George Seegebrecht

FRIENDS ($5-$99)

Barbara Anderson

Kristen Anderson

Ann Ayres

Laura Carl

Sharon Carlson

Mary Jo Deysach & Francis Lynch

Cynthia Dvorak

David Folkes

Kristi French

Sallie Gaines and Mark Richardson

Jerome Gavin

Karen Goldner

Gary Houston

Dawn Ishida

Alfred Kitch

Susan Kurland

Mary Lopez

Alexandra Margo Malos

Alexandra Moore

Thomas J. Nickel

Sami & John Nordmark

Brian Owen

Lorraine Owles

Mark Richardson and Sallie Gaines

Timothy Rogus

Henry Sprague

Wilma Stevens

Kathleen Swanson

Barbara & Randy Thomas

Robert Tucker

Mary Waller

Craig Wilson

DONORS ($100-$249)

Richard Basofin and Joan Zahnle

John and Patricia Berwanger

Bindy Bitterman

Judith Bowman

Susan & Clark Davoust

Kingsley Day

Brooks Gerlach & Denise Fiducia

Robin Gaston

Ann Hartdegen (in honor of Anne Thurman)

Paul Helman and Ruth Bittner

Linda Henderson

Patricia Kenney

Nancy McAndrew

Tim McGonegle

Alexandra Nelson

Carol Patterson

Charlie & Angela Platt

David & Donna Richert

Kathryn Simon

Judy Steele

Peggy Sullivan

Barbara & Randy Thomas

Jennifer Widmer

Charlotte Ziporyn


The Saints



Nancy Flowers

Joan Mazzonelli

Stephanie Monday

Sheila Willis

Peg Tomaszek-Witry

Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services



Dan Robinson

Arts & Business Council of Chicago

Edgewater Presbyterian Church

Edgewater Beach Café

Francesca’s Bryn Mawr

Edgewater Mexican Café



A.R.T., League

To become a City Lit partner and make a donation, please click the PayPal link below, call 773.293.3682, email, or mail a check to 1020 W Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660