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Using the works of William Shakespeare, The Viola Project unites and empowers girls and gender nonconforming youth from diverse backgrounds so they may grow up to be whoever they want to be.

The Viola Project celebrates play and performance in young people while creating a foundation for young women and gender to stand up, advocate for themselves, and demand inclusion: inclusion in the classroom, in the workspace, in the world and on the stage. Our students have the unique opportunity to examine critical issues through creative play, interdisciplinary workshops, and, of course, Shakespeare. Why? Shakespeare's characters are determined to get what they need, to be understood, to be listened to. There is no better teacher for how to use language to make your voice heard than William Shakespeare.

In addition to running summer camps, The Viola Project partners with schools and community organizations to create after school programming tailored to meet the individual needs of the girls and community we are serving. 

The Viola Project welcomes all girls and gender nonconforming youth regardless of their race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation or ability.   

It is The Viola Project's mission to keep our programming accessible to all girls, no matter what their financial situation is. 


Please email with the subject line SCHOLARSHIP to inquire about available aid. 

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