City Lit Vaccine Policy


We require proof of vaccination for all audience members at all City Lit shows. Proof of vaccination is a physical vaccination card or a picture on your phone of your vaccination card or other electronic proof.  If more than 6 months have elapsed since your second shot of a two-shot vaccine series (or one shot of a one-shot vaccine series), a booster shot is also required to attend performances at City Lit Theater. If you'd like to save time at the door and not carry your physical vaccination card with you, feel free to email an image of your card ahead of time to Refunds will not be issued if you are denied admittance for lack of vaccination proof.

We require all audience members wear masks at all times while inside the building.


These policies are subject to revision when circumstances allow, and we all hope for a better world soon.  They will remain in place for the entire run of EMMA'S CHILD.  As we get closer to THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD in July, we will revisit these policies.


1.  We will strictly follow CDC recommendations in all matters.  If this means we should cancel performances, we will cancel them.  If it doesn't mean that, we won't.  For example, during the rehearsal period for THE VIRGINIAN, a cast member tested positive for Covid; it turned out to be a false positive, as his subsequent six tests over the next few days all proved negative.  (He was already fully vaccinated and boosted, and never developed any symptoms.) We followed the pertinent CDC guideline, which is:  "People who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine after contact with someone who has Covid-19 unless they have symptoms.  However, fully vaccinated people should get tested five to seven days after their exposure even if they don't have symptoms."  So if that positive test accompanied by no symptoms had been accurate and had occurred during our performance run, I would not have cancelled any performances.  On the other hand, in the unlikely event that any cast or crew member tests  positive and reports symptoms,  I will cancel as many performances  as necessary to make sure we get back on solid ground--even if that means the entire rest of the run. 


2.  The CDC and every single other authority are unanimous that the best protection against contracting the Omicron variant is to get the booster shot.    Everybody working at City Lit is not only fully vaccinated but has received the booster shot. 


 As of February 1, we will not allow anyone in to see the show unless they can show proof of full vaccination plus booster:  regular patrons, subscribers, critics, Jeff committee members, everyone.  The only exceptions will be for people who got fully vaccinated less than six months ago and are therefore not yet eligible for a booster shot.  


During THIRTEEN DAYS, our first show back, we were one of the few theatres in town that required audiences to show proof of full vaccination, with no exceptions made for religious or medical reasons, and with no substitution of a negative test result allowed.  The audience responded quite well to this, as a tighter policy is obviously more likely to keep them safe.   It seemed clear that people were more comfortable coming here than they would have been with a more lax policy in place.


The Pfizer people say that the booster increases levels of virus-fighting antibodies 25-fold, and that regular "full" vaccination is significantly less effective against Omicron than with the booster added.  With everyone working on, or coming to see, EMMA'S CHILD fully vaccinated and boosted, it seems unlikely we will run much risk of having to cancel performances.  Again, the Omicron surge is affecting almost exclusively the health of the unvaccinated, and to a lesser degree that of the unboosted.


3.  The CDC says that, second only to vaccination, the most important thing is ventilation (or air filtration if you can't ventilate).  Our theatre space has windows along one wall, so we can ventilate quite easily.  We will continue what we have been doing since re-opening, which was to open windows after each performance and use fans to move air in and out to circulate new fresh air in for the next performance.   The CDC estimates that, depending on the size of the room, good ventilation should take 60 to 90 minutes to achieve a 100% exchange of old air for new; we let ours run for twelve hours.


We think these three points—along with observing the mask mandate and any other official guidelines in place at the time—will keep our space a safe place to be and allow us to keep our season on track.

If you have tickets to a performance and start to have Covid symptoms, have tested positive for Covid or believe you may have been exposed, please contact us.  We can reschedule you to a different date or issue refunds where necessary.  We will treat every situation with as much flexibility as possible.  Refunds will not be issued if you are denied admittance for lack of vaccination proof.


Best regards,


Terry McCabe

Producer and Artistic Director